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Third party installation and engineering

Norguard works with several companies across the country that are certified to install our products and provide engineering. We routinely visit the the jobsite with our third party installers to ensure that the proper product is being used for the given application. Jobsite visits can include the investigation of current structures to select the most applicable fall protection system, inspecting previously installed fall protection systems to ensure regulatory compliance, performing anchor load tests, ensuring adequate structural strength, and more;

• System Installation & Inspection
• Anchor Point - Installation & Recertification
• Horizontal Lifeline - Installation & Recertification
• Rigid Rail Fall - Installation & Recertification
• Window Washing - Installation & Recertification
• Single Anchor Point Load Testing
• Layout Drawings
• Swingstage tie-back systems
• Portable and permanent davit arms
• Guardrail Systems
• Engineered Ladder Systems


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