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Norguard’s wide-ranging product line offers fall protection solutions for nearly any task or jobsite. However, in industries as specialized and diverse as construction, mining, and building maintenance, there will always be situations that arise that require custom designed solutions.

Norguard is skilled and experienced in working with our customers to design and manufacture systems that meet any fall protection need that may arise, and are also available to perform system testing and inspection. Our expert team of engineers and installers is ready and willing to help, so please contact us today with any of your custom engineering needs.

An initial fall hazard assessment is an ideal method for determining the fall protection requirements of any building.


ESG is proud to offer professional engineering design assistance to architects and design firms.


Our experienced professionals provide superior system installation, inspection, and re-certification.


Fall protection system re-certifications are required to ensure systems are fully functional and safe for use.


We provide shop drawings that contain all necessary information for install.


We offer a variety of fall protection systems to address fall hazards on your job site.


Window washing systems allow workers to safely access the façade of a building to perform maintenance.


A guardrail is a simple and effective solution to fall protection as it creates a safe zone on the entire roof.


One of the most dangerous, and often one of the most overlooked, hazards in the fall protection industry, is the rooftop skylight.


When it comes to accessing work areas at heights, slanted and vertical ladder systems are the foremost means of conveyance.